Autor: Christina Wockel

Navigating the Complexities of the EU Emissions Trading System: The Mandate

The maritime industry’s integration into the EU Emissions Trading System (EU-ETS) in 2024 remains a challenge for shipping companies concerned: With the prospect of the many more reporting obligations and submission deadlines to come, shipowners are increasingly considering delegation options to manage MRV and EU-ETS obligations effectively. Only last week the German Administering Authority (DEHSt) […]

The EU General Court confirms: The Council must adhere to strict reasoning standards for the sanctioning of associated persons.

@Mister Pittinger – pixabay On 20 March 2024 the first Chamber of the EU General Court once again had to decide on behalf of a person sanctioned due to their association and immediate familiar ties to a Russian businessperson. This time Nikita Mazepin (the Claimant) brought an action of annulment under Art. 263 TFEU before […]