English Court Commented on Law Applicable to Arbitration Agreement in Russia-Related Case

On 29 April the English Court of Appeal in its decision on Enka v Chubb [2020] EWCA Civ 574 establishes a new approach to the problem of the law applicable to the arbitration agreement in the situation when the law chosen by the parties to govern the wider contract differs from the law of the […]

Whether a shipper can be dragged into arbitration by another shipper on the same vessel

OLG Hamburg (6th Civil Senate), Order of 12 August 2019 - 6 Sch 2/19

The Higher Regional Court of Hamburg (OLG Hamburg) ruled whether a shipper is a “protected party” under the arbitration agreement concluded between the carrier and another shipper. Other than in the order of the same court of 23 May 2019 (6 Sch 1/19 – see here: https://kdb.legal/en/a-third-party-may-rely-on-an-arbitration-clause-contained-in-a-contract-with-protective-effect-for-that-third-party/ the OLG ruled that the packaging obligations in […]

A third party may rely on an arbitration clause contained in a contract with protective effect for that third party

OLG Hamburg (6th Civil Senate), Order of 23 May 2019 - 6 Sch 1/19

In a (yet unpublished) decision of 23 May 2019, the Higher Regional Court of Hamburg established the criteria, when a third-party can rely on arbitration clauses. By this decision, the Higher Regional Court extended the third-party-effect of arbitration clauses not only to beneficiaries (“Vertrag zu Gunsten Dritter”) but as well to third-parties who are just […]

Dissenting opinion of an arbitrator in ICC proceedings violates German internal public policy

The Higher Regional Court (OLG) of Frankfurt/Main vacated an ICC-award rendered in Frankfurt (court order of 16.01.2020 case no. 26 Sch 14/18) for violation of the right to be heard in court and – in an obiter dictum – stated that dissenting opinions violate the (internal) German public policy. The dispute in question was initiated […]

German Supreme Court rules on violation of the right to be heard in court

In a decision of 16 January 2020 (court case no. I ZB 23/19), the German Supreme Court rendered a decision about the right to be heard in court in the context of proceedings to determine the admissibility of arbitration proceedings. Although this decision concerned an appeal against a state court decision of the Higher Regional […]

The Russian Supreme Court confirmed that exclusion of an arbitrator from a recommended list does not amount to a ground to set aside the arbitral award

On 27 February 2020 the Russian Supreme Court denied leave to appeal with regard to a judgement of the Moscow District Arbitrazh Court (court case no. А40-153265/2019) which reversed the decision of the lower court to annul the arbitral award based on the reasoning that one of the arbitrators had been excluded from the recommended […]

Key Takeaways from the Recent Russian Supreme Court’s Resolution on Arbitration

On 10th of December, the Plenum of the Russian Supreme Court issued its Resolution No. 53 (hereinafter – the “Resolution”) addressing the certain state courts’ functions of domestic and international arbitration assistance and supervision. The Resolution is thought to be an attempt to pack scattered legal norms together in a comprehensive legal framework of arbitration […]