Автор: Axel Boës

Extension of arbitration clauses to third parties

French and Russian courts extend arbitration clauses to parent companies

The extension of arbitration clauses to third parties, especially parent or affiliated companies, is a kind of «french speciality». Since the «dow chemical» decision in 1982 which is often quoted to have established a «group of companies» approach in arbitration, there are a number of decisions that extended arbitration clauses to non-signatories of the arbitration […]

Moscow Arbitrazh Court recognised and enforced Belgian state court decision.

With a judgement of 14.12.2020 (court case number A40-111764/20) the Arbitrazh Court of Moscow recognised and declared enforceable a decision of an Antwerp court. The Moscow Arbitrazh Court referred to Art. 15 para 4 of the Russian Constitution according to which the recognised principles and norms of international law are an integral part of the […]

Russian Cassation Court of North-Western Region orders first instance court to undertake a révision au fond

Just a few days ago, we published a post with an optimistic outlook on Russian court practice in respect of recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in Russia. I called this the light at the end of the tunnel out of Russian court’s rather hostile attitude towards arbitration. Now the Arbitrage Court of the […]

Регламент Германской морской арбитражной ассоциации теперь и на русском языке

Аксель Боэс и Алексей Пономарёв совместно с нашими партнёрами Эдуардом Кузнецовым из Marine Legal Bureau (Рига) и Норайром Бабаджаняном из Redstone Chambers (Москва) подготовили перевод Регламента Германской морской арбитражной ассоциации на русский язык. Русскоязычная версия Регламента доступна по данной ссылке: https://gmaa.de/index.php/en/arbitration/arbitration-rules. Мы убеждены, что теперь разрешение споров в ГМАА для русскоязычных сторон, осуществляющих морские перевозки […]

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