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Moscow Arbitrazh Court recognised and enforced Belgian state court decision.

With a judgement of 14.12.2020 (court case number A40-111764/20) the Arbitrazh Court of Moscow recognised and declared enforceable a decision of an Antwerp court. The Moscow Arbitrazh Court referred to Art. 15 para 4 of the Russian Constitution according to which the recognised principles and norms of international law are an integral part of the […]

Регламент Германской морской арбитражной ассоциации теперь и на русском языке

Аксель Боэс и Алексей Пономарёв совместно с нашими партнёрами Эдуардом Кузнецовым из Marine Legal Bureau (Рига) и Норайром Бабаджаняном из Redstone Chambers (Москва) подготовили перевод Регламента Германской морской арбитражной ассоциации на русский язык. Русскоязычная версия Регламента доступна по данной ссылке: Мы убеждены, что теперь разрешение споров в ГМАА для русскоязычных сторон, осуществляющих морские перевозки […]

Whether a shipper can be dragged into arbitration by another shipper on the same vessel

OLG Hamburg (6th Civil Senate), Order of 12 August 2019 - 6 Sch 2/19

The Higher Regional Court of Hamburg (OLG Hamburg) ruled whether a shipper is a „protected party“ under the arbitration agreement concluded between the carrier and another shipper. Other than in the order of the same court of 23 May 2019 (6 Sch 1/19 – see here: the OLG ruled that the packaging obligations in […]

A third party may rely on an arbitration clause contained in a contract with protective effect for that third party

OLG Hamburg (6th Civil Senate), Order of 23 May 2019 - 6 Sch 1/19

In a (yet unpublished) decision of 23 May 2019, the Higher Regional Court of Hamburg established the criteria, when a third-party can rely on arbitration clauses. By this decision, the Higher Regional Court extended the third-party-effect of arbitration clauses not only to beneficiaries („Vertrag zu Gunsten Dritter“) but as well to third-parties who are just […]

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