Henrike Koch, Dr. Axel Boës, Afra Gyekye und Alexey Ponomarev

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for maritime commercial law and arbitration in Hamburg Koch Boës is a highly specialized law boutique in Hamburg with a strong focus on maritime and commercial law as well as arbitration.

Clients of Koch Boës are particularly shipping companies and shipyards, but also private equity investors and service companies from other industries such as media, sports and gastronomy.

Henrike Koch and Dr. Axel Boës have gained their experience and expertise over more than 20 years in different companies and positions before starting the law boutique in summer 2015. Those broad and in-depth experiences enable Henrike Koch and Dr. Axel Boës to not only work closely with their clients on legal issues, but also to offer a tailored approach to corporate management and strategy challenges.

They’re offering accompanying advice and support their clients from the beginning of a problem analysis over strategy development until its successful implementation. A mandate always ends with a holistic and critical evaluation of the progress and the targets achieved, both in economical and legal aspects.


Английский суд в связанном с Россией деле сформировал новый подход к определению права, применимого к арбитражной оговорке

29 апреля Английский апелляционный суд в своём решении Enka v Chubb [2020] EWCA Civ 574 сформулировал новый подход к проблеме определения права, применимого к арбитражной оговорке в ситуации, когда право, применимое к основному договору по соглашению сторон, отличается от права места проведения арбитража. Канва дела Enka является турецкой строительной и инженерной компанией с существенным присутствием […]


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